Eclipse 14 march astrology

I had my suspicions. It was the day of an eclipse, and for some reason, children and pets seem to noticeably act out on those days.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

The events are happening in the mutable signs of Gemini, for the solar, and Sagittarius for the lunar. As an astrologer what I like to do during eclipses is to observe. I observe my own reactions and behaviours to see how, on what, and where I am focussed. To take advantage of this eclipse cycle, imagine that from now until June 4th, your life is going to try to tell you something. Pay attention to the clues it gives. Instead of just reacting to the energy of the moment, ask yourself what am I feeling?

What am I thinking? What am I considering doing? What projects am I undertaking? What wants to leave my life at this time? Where do I feel like putting my energy? Where do I feel emotional discord, or the hope of joy and peace? How you react during this eclipse period, and what you initiate or invite into your life at this time, indicates what themes you will be working with for the next six months, until the next eclipse cycle.

This goes for everyone but might be particularly relevant or noticeable if you are born under a mutable sign. If you have a choice, perhaps avoid the zoo. For Students and Clients. Check your chart to see if you have any planets near zero or fourteen degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. If you do, you might be in for a more major indicator of where your life is now trying to take you. Look up in the sky! You know, like Clark Kent is to Superman, the nerdy alternate name but essentially the same thing.

It all amounts to this: the moon is going to be large and gorgeous this Saturday because it is going full at a time when it is closest to the earth in its orbit. Will the tides be larger? Will tsunamis or disasters occur? Some people have argued a correlation but no one has found definitive proof. So, more laughs and love for the water signs, perhaps some exaggerated upset for the non-water, fixed signs and for everyone else, a beautiful, big glowing orb to behold.

Check your personal planetary placements Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars as shown in the bottom right of your printout. Look to see if any of them are in water signs Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in your nativity; if so, they will likely blend harmoniously with this supermoon. If any of those 5 fall under Leo, Aquarius or Taurus you may have to make some emotional adjustments this weekend. Remember the luminaries and the planets each have symbolism.

Mercury : Thoughts, Health, Siblings, Neighbours. This Wednesday, March the 14th , the heavens are conspiring for love and conciliation! As an example, your sun would be at 9 degrees of an earth sign if your birthday is within a day of April 29th, September 1st, and December 30th. If you do, you might be especially sensitive to the charms of day, no matter what your birthday. In fact, if your birthday is within a day of August 1st, November 2nd and January 29th, you might be feeling outright grumpy and annoyed. Nice enough signs, not necessarily prone to hanging out with one another, but each with their good qualities.

Normally when I consult with clients born under these signs or having planets in these signs I have plenty of good things to say. How could I not? I mean, Aries is absolutely refreshing with its vibrant pioneering, get-things-going attitude and lovely Cancer is so sensitive, devoted and caring. Libra, of course, is a pure delight with its social leaning and its partnership spirit and Capricorn can always be admired for its wry sense of humour and its grounded ambition. To put it in common terms, this is like having two older siblings, one holding you down and the other dangling drool over your face.

So what does this mean for you? For Aries March April 19 it is a very exciting and enlivened time during which, in order to fully bring these new exciting ideas and plans into the world, you may be pressured to conform in ways that you would rather not. You may have to release old fears and outdated patterns in order to grow and change right now. Let the past go and awaken to the brand new you!

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For Cancer June July 22 everything will be coming at you from the outside. External circumstances and pressures seem to be exerting influence on you. Many outdated aspects of your life are trying to leave right now. That could be anything from a person to an attitude. For Libra September October 22 things are about to get explosive.

The pondering and considering phase is over and if you just admit honestly what it is you want then you have your direction. Life will be putting a lot of pressure on your to get you off of the fence. For Capricorn December January 19 this time is about learning to wield power. Stay flexible and have compassion for yourself as you grow into a deeper sense of personal control.

You may be feeling very driven right now and even a little obsessive. Be careful to make room for both the old and new in your life.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 20, 2015

If you do, then this information pertains strongly to you even if you have a different sun sign. If you find one, note the sign and refer to the above for how it might feel and then note the planet and look below to the area of life affected. Mars-your action principle is changing. How you deal with anger, how you assert yourself, these aspects of you are evolving.

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Jupiter-your belief system, your judgments as well as your philosophical leanings will all be getting a workout. Saturn-this will be about the structure in your life, potentially your father, and also your career goals. Do you recognize this? Have you seen this in action, or perhaps been feeling this way yourself? When an outer planet such as Neptune changes signs, it indicates a new social attitude and focus. The focus of Neptune in Pisces is alignment with soul. The arrival of Jupiter in your skies on December 3 for the next year will simply sweep you along into what promises to be a memorable, perhaps pivotal birthday month.

Jupiter is not alone. Venus is already with you until the 20th, urging a spot of retail therapy for yourself and shameless self-display. Likewise, Mars, powerful in Scorpio in your networking zone.

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You may as well take every chance to mingle and self-promote because Capricorn birthdays come with a destiny-laden aura. First there is the solar eclipse accompanying the new Moon of December 26, then its partner, the lunar eclipse at the full Moon of January Though this is a primarily a cosmic event to be weighed in macro terms, along with those eclipses it represents a climactic moment in individual lives. Walk into your birthday month with your eyes wide open and a readiness to do whatever is needed. The new Moon of the 26th is a cracker of an introduction to what lies down the line.

Capricorn is often painted as a rapacious, ambitious loner, whereas you are frequently the one holding together not least materially for a substantial number of others. Be the good king or queen. S ocks and panties pulled up and best foot forward is the first order of the month. Certain individuals may fit that frame.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Tables

However, you, Ms or Mr Fixed sign, are no push-over, and things may not be as urgent as they seem. There are modifying factors in play. The month of Sagittarius is socially obliging and there are few better places for you in December than hanging out with chums and strangers with a cup of good cheer in your hand.

Your personal network appears to be in flux; some old sidekicks no longer cut it; new folks arrive to refresh your palate. Venus — more sociability with added romantic traction — arrives in the Urn Bearer on the 20th, sweetly timed for the festive season. Put yourself about in a charming way — what have you got to lose?

Not much at this point in your astrological cycle. And if you are not thinking that way you have catch-up to do. Once Saturn moves into your sign in March, taking responsibility for yourself, being in control, gets so much easier. Meanwhile, planets incoming in early ease your path. Right now, Venus makes you the good fairy atop the Christmas tree.

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  4. Indeed, you look positioned to swim, duck, dive and negotiate your way through whatever tricky times arrive. Though you have been obliged this year to deal with The Man — i.

    Saturn in Cap — chances are you have come out evens. In December too, you have Mars in fellow water sign Scorpio; scary for some but not for you. Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn make the pre-Xmas hurly burly a fertile hunting ground for you and your charisma. As messenger Mercury finally escapes from the slough of Scorpio, to join the Sun in fellow, fiery Sagittarius, you look nicely hooked-up for the festive season.

    The weekend of the 6th and 7th finds a waxing Moon in your skies. Later, after the 20th, Venus moves into a highly sociable zone to add bubbles and cheer through to early new year. The sky darkening above you in Capricorn is another matter.