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At the end of the year and for the first three months of will retrograde and predictably will continue in one way or another to influence Italy. His task was immediately proved difficult for the filibuster Admetos of part of the government team. In his personal annual horoscope the SUN is still connected with Admetos in transit , confirming that his task remains difficult.

But the other planetary figures on the axis of his Sun catch a glimpse of an unblocking of the situation even if not a radical change. The motion of Admetos will create a space of greater stability for the Premier, starting from April The new secretary of the Democratic Party, Matteo Renzi , who was elected on December 8th, , with an overwhelming majority, is a political leader who can create and open up new opportunities. Renzi is closely related to Italy Sun r. SUN d. It is a matter of political forcing that he plays with the skill of a true leader.

Also interesting is his Sun direct mid-point with the Sun of Italy which reveals the following planetary pictures in his chart no graphs :. HADES t. Renzi is closely related to Letta. Together they could strive for the goals of the government.

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As follows :. ITALY : in the field of major reforms …. Letta … but the Prime Minister Letta sounds blocked.

If we look at the constellation of political parties we become more aware of the situation :. Not with progressive ideas but taking refuge in outdated models of the past. They tend to separate rather than unite. Letta t. Note: In summary Letta, in his role as Premier is more influenced by politicians while Renzi has more freedom to act. The Meridian MC of Italy , that is the image that the country reflects in the outside world about its institutions , politics , social services , as well as the prevailing mentality of its inhabitants, there is a significant constellation of the climate that reigns during The answer is indicated by the planetary figures in the axis of the MC, as follows:.

On the positive : critical comparisons, discussions, leading to clarity and from which intelligent actions derive. We cannot exclude that in certain circumstances the last meaning prevails. At the same time, continuing internal conflicts among the parties relating to justice and reforms.

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As for the economic recovery, this is not the case with too many illusions : the development seems to proceed at a slow rhythm. The current block will melt very slowly. As the following constellations shows :. However, in , Italy will have the regional and municipal elections, and in May , the European Elections will take place in May Italy was one of the founding countries of the European Union. In Italy will hold the presidency of the European Parliament.

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Therefore, it is appropriate to look to the European chart, re-negotiated at Maastricht in On December 31 st Brussels was established as the headquarters of the Community. This indicates important changes are a foot. Other information is collected through other planetary figures arranged symmetrically about this axis. The confirmation is given by the constellation SUN d.

While slows or stops Admetos the political project. The thought is conservative and rigid. Stuck at the political level, it is in fact a technical body only motivated to control the economic parameters. In Spring there will be elections.


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The Sun radix Iran ranks 9 th house in the birthplace horoscope, that is the place of religion and abroad. In the horoscope of , the SUN r. However, the AS t. It is the following:.

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In fact, SUN r. There has been some thaw in diplomatic relations with the West due in part to the renegotiated agreement. As follows:. But what may not have been noticed is the presence of Cupido 5 degrees Scorpio making aspects to these same planets, and thus adding its own "matrimonial" and "family" flavor to the occasion.

On the business side of Cupido, one might note the considerable "corporate restructuring" that was taking place during the early s, when transiting Pluto made a series of conjunctions with transiting Cupido. Since Kronos, the planet of royalty, was exactly trining this Pluto-Cupido "family developments" combination during much of this time as well, it is not surprising that significant changes both marriages and separations took place among the members of England's royal family at precisely this same time. The occult. Representing many of the more sordid or disagreeable sides of life, Hades is associated with waste, decay, illness, sorrow, and want -- as well as anything that is vulgar, crime-related, or crude.

But it can also refer, without any unpleasant overtones, to antiques, ancient art, and other things from the distant past. Doctors and others in the healing and helping professions often have links between Hades and the Ascendant, thus reflecting the needs and problems of their clients.

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Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Salk polio vaccine, has his natal Hades 21 degrees Pisces exactly trining the midpoint 21 degrees Scorpio of his close Mercury-Mars "walking," and other "motor skills" conjunction in Scorpio. On the other hand, the sextile present in film comedian Charlie Chaplin's chart between natal Hades 27 degrees Aquarius and the natal Sun 27 degrees Aries no doubt relates as much to his film image as the penniless tramp as it does to the poverty he experienced as a child.

Zeus zoos Keywords: Controlled, directed energy. Machines; creativity; leadership. All things military. Combustion engines. A symbol of "controlled energy," Zeus is linked to all types of creative and procreative endeavors. It has an active, fiery nature, and lends considerable zest and drive to whatever it touches. Machinery, weapons, and the combustion engine are all related to Zeus, as are production lines and leadership activities. In combination with Kronos and Vulcanus, Zeus has been found to have strong ties to the weapons and destructive power of modern warfare, and all three planets were closely linked throughout the entire period of World War II.

Zeus 16 degrees Leo squared Kronos 16 degrees Taurus at the start of the war September 1, , and at 18 degrees Leo was exactly sextile Vulcanus 18 degrees Gemini during the bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7, This confirms for me he will not be our next president. Now, after looking at the transits hitting his chart at this time I do not think he will be on the ballot at the time of the election.

I almost forgot to mention the Mercury retrograde period coming at the end of August, and since he is a Gemini it is important. Mercury will then go direct September 21st at the midpoint of his progressed Sun and the cardinal axis and transiting Saturn will set that off beginning November 4th. Forgive some of my grammatical punctuation errors, I wanted this to get out ASAP and did not have this edited. SO forgive me. Mercury Neptune is lies and deception.

When it comes to weather a simplistic interpretation is moisture carried in the air, depending on where you live and its normal climate will determine whether it be snow or rain. For the past 25 years I have been watching the Mercury stations retrograde and direct to determine if we are going to have rain, snow, and whether it be cold or warm.

I recorded that lecture and can forward it to anyone who is interested, for a fee. Everyone should take extra caution and stay home if you can. Mercury Hades means dangerous mistakes due to misjudgments, as catastrophes due to water can occur if not careful.